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The population of Escort Walsall is diverse, with large proportions of Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian, British, Chinese and German contingents. There is also a scattering of Turkish and Maltese minorities, though the bulk of Escort Walsall’s clientele are British. There is a concentration of large Escort Walsall Escorts in and around Walsall and its surrounding areas, which have been in operation since the 1950s, though some, such as Bloxwich and Arundel, were established much later. The most famous Escort Walsall girls are those who worked for escort services operating out of Walsall and those associated with this area, particularly near the towns of Wednesbury, Great Wemy and Arundel.

There are several characteristics that distinguish Walsall Escorts from most others operating in the same area. The majority of them are professionally dressed, and all of them use mobile phones for communicating to their customers, including those outside of their escorts’ vehicles. This is probably one of the best ways to spot an Escort. They are also usually well qualified in driving, and as they often provide protection for their clients from road accidents involving trucks and vans, they are highly skilled in using their cars. Escort Walsall escorts are very protective of their clients, especially of “date” girls who have probably not seen the same person for years.

It is believed that this group of Escort was formed due to the increase in numbers of “escorts” in the area. Some of them became “business partners” with each other, sharing the cost of “protecting” clients, and eventually some of them began charging for the use of their luxurious cars in the “protection” of “certain” girls. Some of them changed their names to “Walsall Escorts” to protect their identities and avoid any association with the police. This new generation of Escort has expanded to include some ex-policemen, who travel to the area on business, and others who live along the Walsall High Street, where they are “partners” with some local businessmen.